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Monday: 3lb. bucket of Snow Crab $33.00
Tuesday: Low Country Boil for 1 $24.99
Wednesday: Hump Day, 1 Pound of King Crab Dinner  $24.99
Thursday: Mid week Crisis, 1 Pound of Dungeness Crab Dinner $19.99
Friday and Saturday: Chefs Special

At Jewel City Seafood, we aspire to bring you only the freshest seafood from around the world and typically found while vacationing on the coastal beaches. Please, check out our Fresh Catch Specials.

Jewel City Seafood is named after the city it serves. Many Years ago, Huntington was a thriving port city. Old steam river boats gave nicknames to all the cities on the Ohio River for navigational purposes and the city of Huntington was called the Jewel City.

Steam boats shipped lumber and coal to fuel the growth of the railroad extension to the west. Huntington received a bounty of seafood items packed in barrels of ice from the Chesapeake Bay. Through these historical tidbits, Jewel City Seafood was born.

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